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Just a few samples of recent projects that have been successfully fulfilled by our global network of music experts

Pirelli Tires Brief

Pirelli Tires Brief Style: Beat heavy. The drums should be a unique beat and create an intense feeling of energy. Minimal melody. The top line melody shouldn't confuse the listener but there should b ...

$20,000 by Chris

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Tango Britain's Got Talent commercial

Hi! We're looking for music for a new Tango commercial, produced by BBH ad agency in London. It will run once on TV in the Britain's Got Talent Finals, then live online (on YouTube etc.). The budget i ...

$600 by BBH London

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All Islands - MedSailors Online Video

We need a track for a sailing holidays company who take 20-35 year olds around Croatia, Greece and Turkey. The holidays are all about a balanced holiday where you get to do a bit of partying, a bit of ...

$2,000 by Jeremy Gleeson

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Alt to Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl"

Needs to be lyrically in theme with the song, as well as having the rocking, energetic feel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuK6n2Lkza0

$2,500 by James Shin

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Bungee Virtual Lost and Found "How it Works" background music

We are creating a new video to explain how our product works. Bungee is an innovative and simple solution to a very old problem (losing your stuff). The mood of the background music should be light, ...

$200 by Bryan Davis

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Dark, moody, cinematic music needed for international film trailer

Looking for a very special, minimal, cinematic piece that will send chills down the spine. It will be combined with extremely high-end filmmaking, incredible acting performances and hollywood blockbus ...

$9,000 by Robin Burke

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