Bungee Virtual Lost and Found "How it Works" background music

We are creating a new video to explain how our product works. Bungee is an innovative and simple solution to a very old problem (losing your stuff). The mood of the background music should be light, happy and possibly a little quirky but not distracting. The video is 50 seconds long.

By the way, we realize that we are not offering a lot of money for this (we are a startup with limited funding and almost zero revenue) so we don't expect you to create something from scratch. If you have something in your library that you think would fit the bill, that is totally fine.

Please let us know what you would like to see and we will upload it.


  • Acoustic Electronic
  • Foreground Background
  • Raw Polished
  • Unique Influenced
  • Quirky Serious
  • Hyper Mellow

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