Dark, moody, cinematic music needed for international film trailer

Looking for a very special, minimal, cinematic piece that will send chills down the spine. It will be combined with extremely high-end filmmaking, incredible acting performances and hollywood blockbuster cinematography - so authenticity is most important. No sample-sounding strings or cheap recordings please.

Ideally instrumental but we will consider a vocal if particularly haunting, powerful or special.

Less is more - we are looking for understated power (please click the reference... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8evyE9TuYk ) - and either the music should climb to a massive crescendo, build into a haunting riser or we could combine with another more energetic piece

Instruments/genre are flexible. Elements of score/strings would be good - as long as not too 'traditional'. We don't want something that sounds like library music. It needs to feel much bigger.

The key thing we need for this trailer is the right mood. Think...
-The Dark Knight Rises
-Social Network

Similar artist inspirations...
-Hanz Zimmer
-Sigur Ros
-Trent Reznor

Thank you!


  • Acoustic Electronic
  • Foreground Background
  • Raw Polished
  • Unique Influenced
  • Quirky Serious
  • Hyper Mellow

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