Pirelli Tires Brief

Pirelli Tires Brief

Style: Beat heavy. The drums should be a unique beat and create an intense feeling of energy. Minimal melody. The top line melody shouldn't confuse the listener but there should be a subtle top line and it should add enough to make give the track a signature sound and unique life.

Feel free to experiment and try different things. We're looking for a unique score that really moves with the picture. Large SFX (boom) to start (i.e. similar to the example music)
large SFX (boom) out.

Music reference: Hanz Zimmer

Current edit w temp audio: http://we.tl/lDhc7YNGYA
Mood: Intense & pacey but not too dark/horror.
Length: Length will change but pitch to this edit.
Processing: Sounds good on an iPhone and the studio.

Things you can try if you want:

Heart beat - not just a SFX. Needs to sound new and modern.
Weird instruments - different sounding instruments to make it sound original
Growing drone ramping up low in the mix from the start to the end of film.
Sound design.
Most importantly, BE CREATIVE - create something that brings the video to life and hasn't been requested.


  • Acoustic Electronic
  • Foreground Background
  • Raw Polished
  • Unique Influenced
  • Quirky Serious
  • Hyper Mellow

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