Tango Britain's Got Talent commercial

Hi! We're looking for music for a new Tango commercial, produced by BBH ad agency in London. It will run once on TV in the Britain's Got Talent Finals, then live online (on YouTube etc.). The budget is quite small because the client has such big costs for the media time, but it's a huge priority creatively for the agency and it'll be a really great film that will get a lot of exposure and hopefully viral activity online.

The script involves 3 teenage girls dressed in casual clothing messing about on swings in an urban playground setting, and music plays from a mobile phone. One of them drinks Tango and turns into a bodybuilder and the script turns comedic. All the girls start to dance club-style. Music then comes to the foreground and plays over the packshot at the end.

We're looking for:

- 'contemporary dance music' that's good quality and 'street' (needs to sound like something 'street' teenage girls might genuinely have on their mobile phone)
- genres mentioned by the creative team here are grime/dance hall/reggae-tinged/urban
- something bass-heavy will be right, as it will sound as good when coming from a mobile phone ('tinny') as when it comes to the front of the mix
- any lyrics would ideally be put across by female vocals although not essential (as the characters in the ad are girls it would be good to have a "female slant" on things if possible)
- could also be completely instrumental

EDIT: guide words - a track that's 'fast & crazy' would be great!!!

We'd love to hear any ideas you have.
Thanks very much!
Black Sheep Music


  • Acoustic Electronic
  • Foreground Background
  • Raw Polished
  • Unique Influenced
  • Quirky Serious
  • Hyper Mellow

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