Synkio is a platform that makes it simple for you to choose the right music for your project.

Find out why Creative Agencies, Advertisers, Film-Makers and Games Developers across the world are turning to Synkio to source audio and music.

Talk To Music Supervisors

It's never been easier (or faster) to communicate exactly what you need for your project to the professional music community.

Your briefing form actually generates the license and clears all the copyrights so all you have to do is listen to the music and decide if you like what you hear.

The simple four step process alerts the community and creates the contract
The community works to your budgets and timelines

Search The Library

After you brief the community search through the Synkio Library to find incredible music from music pros from around the world.

The Synkio Library is copyright free which means that you are licensing directly from the people that own the music and we just provide a handy search. Now you can get the highest quality music possible regardless of your budget.

Find the music you need, quickly
Clear and simple prices for each track

Premium network of musicians

Get direct access to the professional music community who are ready to do work for you right now.

The Synkio network takes pride in their work... and they are rated by you. They are all music industry pros who have excellent track records for licensing the perfect song for the world's biggest productions.

Your project is secure and you can easily wrap your brief under an NDA
Vast network of empowered musicians
Communicate directly with the community

Your music needs: organized and accessible

Every project has its own hub so the music community can supply ideas and artist or composer information. When you're ready you can listen, share with colleagues or receive edits.

...and the simple, private communication walls mean easy work flow.

Collaboration with creative control
Licenses evolve with your needs

Bonus: Works great on the go!

Everything that Synkio can do on your desktop, can be done on your mobile and tablet. Manage your projects from anywhere, the car, the plane, the edit bay...

...just visit Synkio on your mobile or tablet and we'll show you how to do the rest.

Fully mobile and tablet enabled

These powerful features deliver the best music for your budget and save you time. Get in touch if you have any questions.

Find music now Start a project

Become a part of the bustling
Synkio professional music community.

Here are a few features that you might find interesting.

Synkio projects

You can create music or respond with music in your catalogue directly to some of the world's biggest productions. Just read the briefs and upload your music.

...Synkio is a living platform geared around music licensing.

Get access to exclusive clients and projects
Get paid professional rates for your work

Synkio library

Synkio is the world's first library that lets you sell your music without taking any of your copyrights.

Just upload, tag and price the tracks you want to license to clients. The music will be hosted in your page and also in the Synkio Library search function. You must own both sides of the copyright or clear it during upload.

Simple pricing that scales for you
Showcase your personal library

Generate Income

We're simplifying the music search and licensing experience so it's easier for clients to find the world's best music all in one place.

You can try it now by uploading your music to the library. If you're new to the service, once you license 5 tracks via the library you can respond directly to client projects, as well..

Retain your copyrights
Control your music and revenue

Respond to projects

Each project payment is clearly stated and you get paid directly via paypal.

We've made it as simple as possible to understand a clients needs and see the terms of each and every license.

Reply to a project with ease
Communicate directly with the client

Promote yourself

You'll have a beautiful Synkio profile you can use to highlight your best features.

It's a place for you to showcase your experience and music for clients so they can get to know you.

Create a profile you control
Promote your best tracks

It's these features and many more that are helping the music community
generate income and manage music licensing.

Synkio is a non-exclusive platform. You manage your own copyrights so you can respond to the projectss that work for your music. You retain all of your rights. We take a 15% cut of the overall fee... and only once.

Apply for access now!

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